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I Got A Light - karaoke text

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I got a light inside yourSilent absenceIt does shine bright untilThe point that I’m collapsingI cannot find me and stillThere is this sadnessI got room to spare and time toShare and now I’m homelessI need a break, of myself orFor myself cannot find itIt is this rush-hour-feeling;Nothing moves towards your spiritYour sunny soul tries toLight me up – but I can’t take it‘cause I can’t get in touch withWhat I am – I hate itNo-one has ever got so close to meAnd no-one has like you honouredMy abilitiesSo please take awayThis bloody blindnessThat I can see what I’ve gotFrom an appropriate perspectiveWe got to keep our freedom andI just lost itPlease come to me, come to me,I wanna see, I wanna seeThat you’re existingRescue meI’m falling into thoughts andThey’re taking ‘way the ecstasyCan’t you seeThat I belong to you and youBelong to meI got time to deal withMy funny feelingMade up my mind for the sign ofThe night – it stopped my bleedingI clearly see your face in frontOf me believingIn what we got, we cannot lose,We have not lostLet’s make us winningRescue me!Rescue me!Rescue me!

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