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Elucidation - karaoke text

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A delicate wind graces my hair - A shiver from the silent fear One last breath for bravery... Crystals of salt and sand inhaled as I embark on this journey. This changes everything - A whole new life, a whole new world! Let's sail beyond the horizon - There is so much more! Let's begin... I worked as I was told to Catalogued the days Certified events here Permits and deeds they all came from me I lived as I was told to Counting off the days Paid my bills on time here Dared not to dream too much in my sleep In my life Never someone like her to understand me - no hero to take her away from this place She loved me as best she could and did not ask me why I buried her and quietly filed her away I did what I was told to Heeded all the rules Fell in line in place here Watched what I said with nothing to say I felt what I was told to Turned the other way Swallowed all my years here Smiled through the days as my life slipped away All my life Never caring to see what's beyond me... My heart is buried deep in the stone of this land My daughter took good care and did not ask me why She's with me now, to quietly sail me away What is life? Was I living a life of illusion? With pencil and stamp I marked the lives lived before me Old waters and mountains are new in this dying man's eyes My daughter's in my heart and she will show me the way

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