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Driftwood On The River - karaoke text

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I'm just driftwood on the river floating down the tideI don't care where this old river carries meI'll keep drifting just because my heart is broken insideAnd I'm tired of wishing for what cannot beI may meet some little driftwood lost as same as IShare a handshake and a tender tear or twoBut it's always good luck how we've got to say goodbyeI must wander on to keep my rendezvousThough I drift through town and city I can never stayFor I find no place to call my home sweet homeI don't ask for help or pity, I'll just go my wayAll I'm praying for is peace to dream aloneI'm just driftwood on the river and I'm drifting onTill this weary river meets the deep blue seaWhere the deep blue sea may help me to forget someoneYes, the careless one who has forgotten meIn my heart I don't feel bitter over what has beenI feel sorry for the one I must forgetAnd instead of being someone with the world to winI'm just driftwood on the river of regret

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