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Sign o' the Times - karaoke text

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Oh yeahIn france a skinny manDied of a big disease with a little nameBy chance his girlfriend came across a needleAnd soon she did the sameAt home there are seventeen-year-old boysAnd their idea of funIs being in a gang called the disciplesHigh on crack totin a machine gunTimeTimeHurricane annie ripped the ceiling of a churchAnd killed everyone insideU turn on the telly and every other storyIs tellin u somebody diedSister killed her baby cuz she could afford 2 feed itAnd were sending people 2 the moonIn september my cousin tried reefer 4 the very first timeNow he's doing horseIt's juneTimesTimesIts silly, no? When a rocket ship explodesAnd everybody still wants 2 flySome say a man aint happyUnless a man truly diesOh whyTimeTimeBaby make a speech, star wars flyNeighbors just shine it onBut if a night falls and a bomb fallsWill anybody see the dawnTimeTimesIts silly, no? When a rocket blowsAnd everybody still wants 2 flySome say a man aint happy, trulyUntil a man truly diesOh why, oh why, sign o the timesTimeTimeSign o the times mess with your mindHurry before it's 2 lateLets fall in love, get married, have a babyWell call him nate... if it's a boyTime

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