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Wanted - karaoke text

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You don't think you're specialYou don't think you're strongBut when the sky is fallingYou feel like you belongIt might not be obviousBut you're not aloneWe're going to let you wanderBut never on your ownAnd I don't know if I can help youYou could tell me all you needIt's all right, You're wantedTonight it's alrightYou're wantedAnd your expectationsAre killing you slowYou're getting what you wantedBut pain is all you knowYou've got a new life nowThere's much that you seeBut those that really know youAre few and far betweenAnd I don't know if they will help youDo you tell them all you need?It's all right you're wantedTonight it's alrightYou're wantedAnd you couldn't be more wrongWhen you say it won't be longTil the stars are goneAnd you, you've got to seeWhen you bleed you're never free'Cause life's not that easy.But tonight it's alrightYou're wantedTonight it's alrightYou're wantedTonight it's alrightYou're wanted

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