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Under My Skin - karaoke text

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Once upon a time I was strong enough, I was me... Once upon a time is long ago Some things start the easy way; it feels good, no more to say Some things hide so much behind that ease You ask for more You're under my skin You push, I'm floored This is a fight I'll never win You bring me down You're under my skin Don't break me, no! Some things change while I remain quite the same; doomed to linger Some things change for better or for worse Once upon a time comes back; I will too, I'll stand stronger Once upon a time's a fairytale... Once upon a time's today, I stand up, I'll stand strong now Once upon a time's for yesterday Some things end without a choice; it's not your call, no reprisal Some things end too late for you to choose

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Karaoke added by KARI