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Roll it - karaoke text

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fingers are coldmind is a burdenbut you,re not that old to not to feel that yearningcovered by the icenot be able to moveso roll that dicelet it choose your fate for youroll itif you don't know where to goroll itif you are felling like unknownput your cards on a tablereap what you sowthere aint no turning back to the man you were beforebet is betbut it depends with whom you are bettingloosing can be wining if you know which rules you're been settingyou can bet it all at 11you can bet it all at 3if you let the walls fall downyou'll be free indeedROLL ITif you don't know where to goroll itif you are feeling like unknownwhen the walls fall downwhen there are no boardersdo not hesitateand break that icedo not hesitateand roll that dice....Roll It Roll It roll it DownRoll It Roll It Roll it Down

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