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I like trains - karaoke text

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I LIKE TRAINSI LIKE TRAINSHey! Have you heard of the I Like Trains kid?He's pretty cool, but I think there's something wrong with himI don't know if he's cursed, or if it's something with his brainBut the only thing he ever says is:I LIKE TRAINSI LIKE TRAINSFrom birth the I Like Trains kid never spoke a wordNot even to his parents, not a single sounds was heardBut on the first day of school the teacher asked his nameAll he did was smile as he said:I LIKE TRAINSI LIKE TRAINSThey put him on some Ritalin to see if that would helpThe doctor found the perfect dose and asked him how he feltHe stared at the doctor with that same creepy smileAnd the I Like Trains kid said:He got a fancy job and he straightened out his lifeHe met a nice girl who he asked to be his wifeAs they stood at the altar, and prepared to say their vowsHe put a ring on her finger, and he said:I LIKE TRAINSI LIKE TRAINSGot bad grades? I like trains!Awkward date? I like trains!Don't like trains? ...I LIKE TRAINSI LIKE TRAINS Oh o-o-ohI LIKE TRAINSI LIKE TRAINS Oh o-o-oh

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