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Never Hear Surf Music Again - karaoke text

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There must be some fucking chemical (Chemical in your brain)That makes us different from animals(Makes us all the same)Take it if it makes you numbTake it if it makes you comeTake it if it makes you make it perfectTake it if it makes you talkTake it if it makes you coughTake it if it makes you forget versesTake itTake itTake itTake itI'm high I'm highOh high OhOh high ohOh high oh I oh I oh (X 4)You're not particule to anything(Long as you're alive)So I've been taking it and what I've..Just a legal puntNever gonna get enoughNever gonna take too muchNever gonna say I told you soNever gonna sleep it offNever gonna keep it softNever gonna keep it softTake it, Just take it

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