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Motherquake by DJ Fresh - karaoke text

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My flow drops like an earthquakeearthquakeearthquakeearthquakeearthquakei make that ass shakeass shakeass shakeass shakeits time to deveastatedeveastatedeveastatedeveastatedeveastatedeveastate i'll make the glass breakglass breakglass breakbreak, break, break, breakdrop like an earthquakemy flow harder thanthan a bitch fuckinggood dope.these hoes hating,why these hoesso out throatOne hit wonder bitch,I make that shit pop,he told me to go in,fresh I pop that flow shake harderthan Alaska Quake.The one in 1964, itwas devastate.These bitches wonderwho I is, tell themshake 'n' bakeRicky Bobby bitch imnobodyShake that ass on the floor, letme see you wobble ittell them burn myshit when you hitthat replay girl,smoking while I'm ridingbitch nigga hiding,do these shit everyday,drop like an earthquakeDJ Fresh, where Diplo at?Hy Diplo, I see youbaby (UGH)It'll make theground shakeground shakeground shakeground shakeground shakeground shakeground shakeplay my shit hit thereplayreplayreplayreplayreplayreplayreplayit will neverhesitatehesitatehesitatehesitatehesitatehesitatehesitateit'll make theglass breakglass breakglass breakbreak, break, break, breakedrop like an earthquake

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