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Want You Gone - karaoke text

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Well here we are againIt's always such a pleasureRemember when you tried to kill me twice?Oh how we laughed and laughedExcept I wasn't laughingUnder the circumstancesI've been shockingly niceYou want your freedom? Take itThat's what I'm counting onI used to want you dead butNow I only want you goneShe was a lot like youMaybe not quite as heavyNow little Caroline is in here tooOne day they woke me upSo I could live foreverIt's such a shame the same will never happen to youYou've got your short sad life leftThat's what I'm counting onI'll let you get right to itNow I only want you goneGoodbye my only friendOh, did you think I meant you?That would be funny if it weren't so sadWell you have been replacedI don't need anyone nowWhen I delete you maybeI'll stop feeling so badGo make some new disasterThat's what I'm counting onYou're someone else's problemNow I only want you goneNow I only want you goneNow I only want you gone

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