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Around the Block - karaoke text

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Video missing for this song, so karaoke can not be played. Phantom : Check it out ya'll. Uh, Phantom come alive in the night time, i spit freestyles i don't have to write rhymes. Flow unrehearsed i spit a killer verse, when it comes to your rhymes, Eh, There the worst. Ya flow sloppy, I just brush em off me. Yeah I'm so cocky. No way you can stop me. Swag Through the roof, Believe that's the truth, How'd I know that ? Yo, I'm living proof. I just know what I do when I'm in the booth. I got a finer chick, Hotter whip, Sicker crew. Oooh You just got lyrically slapped Better think twice before you try to clap back.Revelation:Yo, why you gotta get up in my face, like a air bag. Dude your breaths bad you need to step back. In fact forget that, you need some gum jack. But your style is, you got no swag. Dj says your w-w-w wack. You wouldn't have rhymes if you stole my note pad. And you quote that and put it on the blog, So everyone can read it, i'll never be defeated. free styling is a competition sport. Your rap is keen ? Why's this fool on my court ? It's not a battle it's more like a roast. Grab a white sheet i turn phantom to a ghost.

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