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Opening 1 RAI English - Under the Sign of Win.. - karaoke text

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WINX! If your hand is warm in mine, It'll give us greater power, With our feeling we'll be sure, Fire-winners! WINX! With a smile you can enchant, And lighten up our world, With our feeling we can take, Flight, watch us! If you desire, You can become, One of our bunch! With a magic ray the sky is all blazing, A adventure it certain to start in the stars! When I'm cloud borne I fly through time and space, I colour my existance with my imagination! With my flight in heaven, WINX! If your hand is warm in mine, It will give us greater power, with our feeling we'll be sure five-winners, WINX! We're the new kids on the block, we're each other's dearest friends, with a feeling we can take, Flight watch us! WINX You're magical WINX And you roam through the Stars, The powerful light ray under the sign of the WINX!

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Karaoke added by Winx-Bloom