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Gangster of loveGangster of loveYou with the cocktail in your handYou in your red Mercedes BenzGoin' in one ear and out the otherCover up the pain with laughter, babyI'm not laughin'I'm not laughin'Hey Al CaponeIs that who you think you are?All the girlsAll around the worldWell, they wanna shake your handIt won't be longYou'll need an alibiA little birdTold me what he'd heardIs it really true?Gangster of loveGangster of loveI'm gonna take you for a rideAnd hit you right between the eyesYou can hear the pretty music playin' wellListen to the words, they're sayingYou can hear them calling'Hear them calling'Hey, Al CaponeYou'll need a bodyguardJust like thatYou'll be laid out flatWith a broken heartI shot you downAnd who's gonna help you now?Valentine's dayBetter hope and prayThey'll be tearing you apartGangster of love, Gangster of loveGangster of love, Gangster of loveI hear conversationsIn restaurants and barsI read all the papersAnd what they say is wrongIt's such a fine, fine lineFine, fine lineGangster of loveGangster of loveGangster of loveGangster of loveGangster of loveGangster of loveGangster of love

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