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The Stomp - karaoke text

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All right, oh, yeahCome on, baby, yeahHey baby, sure love you fineYou got a way of moving, mamaMake me lose my mindYou know, mama, what you gotSomething I need, sure need a lotI got the rhythm, and you sure got the styleSo, shake it, mama, please stomp around a whileShake onHey, baby, yes, you're doing fineYou're stomping so good, mamaYou got the boys in the lineFoxy mamaYou sure got what it takesAnd when you're stomping, darlingBoy, it really shakesFoxy womanYou don't tell no liesWhat you got, darlingSure would like to advertiseHear the boys sayLook at that, mama, don't she look fineLove that woman, make her mineAnd you know, baby, that's where it's atJust stomp around, mamaShake it, shake it outShake it, mama, oh, mama, mmm...Shake it, mamaMmmmm....., yeah, babyMmmmm....., oh, mama, yeah, yeahOh, yeahDo the stompStomp around

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