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Lost words of forgiveness - karaoke text

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Same old thing againWrong the words spoken carelesslyThere are consequences hereLet's open our eyes, dare to seeHarsh and deep, it's cutting throughRed hot ows clouding reasonVoid like a dark holeEncasing our heartsLuring in shadowsThey keep floating byI don't wannaSee an old crackGo unmendedDrive our worlds apartSometimes forgivenessDoes not come so cheapBlood of the fathersTakes ages to healI don't wannaSee an old wrongUnattendedRise and strikeIn the face of hurt I say noNo, you shall not growYou deprive the world of growthOur task is to speak all the goodTo redeem our faultsRepair the fractures bleedingI don't wannaSee an old rageBe let outExplode in warDrowned hopesLost wordsHeal or fall

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