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The Age Of The Understatement - karaoke text

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Decided to sneak offAway from your stomach and try your pulseYou captured what seemed all unknowing and candidBut they suspected it was falseShe's playful, the boring would warn youBe careful of her brigadeIn order to tame this relentless marauderMove away from the paradeShe was walking on the tables in the glasshouseAnd verily bedraggled in the windSubtle in her method of seductionTwenty little tragedies beginAnd she would throw a feather boa in the roadIf she thought that it would set the sceneUnfittingly dipped into your companionsEnlightened them to make you seeAnd there's affection to endThe age of the understatementBefore the attraction fermentsKiss me properly and pull me apartAffection to rentThe age of the understatementBefore this attraction fermentsKiss me properly and pull me apartAnd my fingers scratch at my hairBefore my mind can get too recklessThe idea of seeing you hereIs enough to make the sweat go cold

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