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Thanks for nothing - karaoke text

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Thanks for nothing, all the bad advice. You never gave me anything. Hope you're having fun across the country making brand new memories. Sorry it's not far enough away. I'm sick, so I'm sorry I'm giving up. Now I'll never wonder if I'm good enough for you. I'm getting older every day, I'm getting over you. You will never share in my success, you will never play a part in my happiness again. I'm getting older everyday, I'm getting over you this way. Take a step back, try to see it both ways. Looking from the outside everything seems OK. But we're not OK.All these guilty feelings I have harbored over years of your neglect, they end tonight. Thanks for all the time you never spent. All the money never sent, the promises you never kept. You never ask, so why would I tell? Now the time has come to say farewell. Take a step back, try to find a lifeline. Looking from the outside everyone is just fine. I'm doing fine. The only thing you taught me was to run away and how to waste my life- how to waste my life. I'm getting older, getting over, getting over you.

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