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LITERAL Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trailer - karaoke text

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Stargate, UbiSoft, SPARKLEA white matrix picks a date then faaaaaaaade.and people say Rome wasn't built in a dayyyyy - AHBLOOM TRANSITIONThe birds get the hell out of there.Because they know something's going downIs he gonna die?No, it's a medium shot.Pan, zoom, and slow-momeans he's the target.Mysterious hooded man watches(from a distance)Take a second to look awesomeTime to go.Walk in slow-motionSo you still look awesome.Guard just saw you,And he's gonna shot you.But don't mind himJust keep looking awesome.That shadow will take care of himWHITE! Guard says Just kill him with your awesomeThe other got it by an arrow so you're good.PART THE RED SEAHopefully those guards have good armorNo, they don't. Maybe they doThey don't.Now act like you didn't do it.They're not buying it...Target comes out of his shelterHe's distracted by a feather.He's like, He likes feathers.He looks up when he remembersOoh, I LOVE birds!Nod at the bird and PEOPLE DIEEverywhere PEOPLE DIETarget doesn't die,HE'S FINE!Target sends horsemen to die.Kill the horse, the rider falls down.Kill the rider the rider falls down.Target's still fine.Target nods and some other guardsthat were hiding in pillarsCOME OUTand then take their formationthen Target pulls out his swordthen goes to smell his sword...not sure why.Mysterious hooded man joined byother hooded people...YOUR'E NEXT.RUN-NINGRUUUUUUUNNINGSLOW MOTION JUMP ATTACK

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