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The Sideburns Song - karaoke text

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Side burns.On the side of my face.As my head turns,you can see they're in the same place.On either side. Burns.They can't be replaced.My insides burn,when I think of the daysbefore my...My side burns.Look at my sideburns,but don't touch my sideburns,why would you do that?My heart yearnsfor my own sideburns.My side actually burns now,what is that?What the hell man,why does my side burn?What the hell's going on?My side burns.Does anybody havesome aloe vera?If you do, bring it backstage,I'll pay you back.1985,from the womb I came out (on my birthday)The doctor said,What you crying about?I said, Is that a rhetorical question?You know why I cried.I have a serious lack ofhair on the side... of my head.Little baby peopledon't have sideburns.They gotta grow themwhen they're older.But if your little babyalready has sideburns,that's awesome!Don't be concerned.Don't be concernedabout your little bitty babywith the big big sideburns.You should nota beconcernd-acerned aboutthe little itty bitty babywith the big big sideburns.Your little baby gonna be a pimp.Your little baby gonna be a little baby pimp.You should probably discouragethat kind of profession,Because it's illegal.And your baby's tooyoung to be concernedabout starting a business,but that's impressiveif it's got the mindset.My sideburnslook at my sideburns,back on track talkin,talkin, bout side burns!My sideburnslook a ma' side burns.La lay la laloo looSide bur, hur, hurrrrnns.Sideburns.

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