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How's It Going To Be - karaoke text

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Across the city steam and lightOff a runway to the manufactured night-In storybooks you’ll never findIn paper armor that you’d mindThey’ll hold the match to you this time-And watch the smoke rings fit the crimeIn moments you cannot repriseLike a soldier or a watch that you can’t windWe fought the world with hands twice-tiedThe people cheered, the captain criedI’ll keep the souvenir insideIt’s just better in my mindAnd I wouldn’t lieI never really wanted moreThan what I ever really needed after allSomeone that hates to see me goYou made a promise then you hideAnd you said we’d all be dead by twenty-fiveIt’s not your disappointed sighIt’s not you traded this for prideNot that we really even mindWe’re just bored you’re still aliveAnd I wouldn’t lieIf I tried, take me downAnd if I die here now-Wishing wells and magic spells and everything between.Can you tell me what it’s like?Or how it’s going to be?

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