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Why are me poorWhy are we weakWhy are we lost humanitySomething's rightSomething's wrongSome of the that we can seeAre just boringChildren dyingGenius about societySky is darkerNight is deeperI can't change activally------------------------------[Refrain:]SurvivePeople survive peopleSurvivePeople survive peopleOh oh oh peopleoo oo oo pivoooooPeople survive yeahOuh yeahGod found good people staying for brotherBrother brother brother brother------------------------------SurviveWhy are injusticeEven in vainsFor a new dayThe never cameWhy are we soldMuch in paidWhy the all face do feel the same[Refrain:]SurvivePeople survive peopleSurvivePeople survive peopleOh oh oh peoplePeople survive yeahOh yeah yeahOh yeah yeahOh yeahAllrightOh yeahAllrightOh yeah yeahOh yeah yeahOh yeahAllrightOuh yeah

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