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A Thousand Letters - karaoke text

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A last embrace, last words to sayBefore the war took their fate awayBefore to kill became his forced taskAnd bleeding fields were covered with sinsHis wounded heart is crying out for homeAway away my love to where all darkness will be goneAway away to our landWhere you will be forever in my arms againDays of dust, of cruelty and deathBroke his soul until there was nothing leftOnly her love that carried him through allHe passed high mountains and rough riversHe wrote a 1000 letters to be nearHe walked a 1000 milesJust to see her smile againJust for returning homeAway away my love...Tell the wind I'll survive just to feel you againI will fight 'till the end to lay my promised loveForever in your hands-Dedicated with love to Maria and Sebastian-

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