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Little Hercules - karaoke text

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So you cannot lift a spirit that has turned to leadOr shine a light in shadow when the batteries are deadOr fly like a birdOver all the works of manOr always think of the perfect wordsBut you do the best you canNothing seems as easy as it did when you were youngMyths may be invincible, but we are only strongStrong like a memoryStrong like a willow in the windStrong as you'll ever beYou will always need to bendIf you feel the weight of the worldPut your mind at easeLittle HerculesThere are times when being a grown up gets to be too muchAnd your sense of humor seems to vanish in the crushOf the daily nine to nineThat keeps your family aliveYour just putting in your timeDoes anyone really go home at five?You made a life where no one ever tells you what to doNow the only tyrant that you're working for is youIt's never easyTo keep all the promises you makeNo one's gonna get you firedIf you just give yourself a brakeIf you feel the weight of the worldPut your mind at easeLittle Hercules'Cause there's so much on your shouldersBut you know it's a breezeLittle HerculesYeah

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