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Everybody's lookin' at me trying to read me
Everybody's thinkin' 'bout whether to believe me
All I wanna do is show how much I love Him
Even though I say it in a different way
Everybody's wonderin' why did He chose me
When you should be thinkin' 'bout tryin' to join me
It's all about the Kingdom & the chance to see Him
It's all about the story of livin' in His glory
Ref. [3x]
Time for the chosen
To come get their blessing
Everybody's talkin' 'bout the age of me
When all that really matters is if He aids me
I'mma tell you like He tells me
I'mma show you like He shows me
I'mma treat you like I wanna be
Livin' in His glory
Go tell it on the mountains
Over thr hills & everywhere
He was born to save us from our sin
Go & not just talk about it
Let the world see you livin' it
From within your soul tell them about Me
I be the lil' "I" comin' from the South
Still laced up cleaned up so down
Many are called but few are chosen
What it do homie yo wrenth my soul
It's da I-R-R-O double "C"
Lacin' the track with 21:03
We da chosen got the world on cling cling

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Twenty One O Three

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