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This darkened prison, obscures the only light
That shines through the heart and this disturbed mind
And I m feeling dead
As I, as if I were dead
The day is coming, I feel it closer to me
I know that something… I’ll have to do
But what is it? Is it me? Is it them?
I don’t know, but they are here to stay
They are taking all over again
I’m feeling alone again
Doesn’t matter if they are here
I feel alone and dead anyway, I’m wasting away
I’m so ashamed of you!!!!
I seek salvation through madness
Condemned to a fate of horrid ways
Beware! You’re playing a new game
And again… Remember this prison
I seek salvation through madness
Condemned to a way of horrid fates
Beware! You’re living for all of them
So I’ll play until another collision
And I’m feeling alone
As if I were dead
Now I know the only way out
Is to stop playing this game
So I’ll take my life in order to kill all of them
Can’t you realize that if you
Kill you’re self you’ll kill me?!
Can’t you realize that me and them
Are the same?!

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Act I.