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Last Act Of A Sickening Show - lyrics

As I was walking, the night started to close
And the rain was freezing my soul
I felt like this was, the last night witnessing
A man with the cold inside
But then a light seemed to appear in a dark alley
That was near a door and I couldn’t help to go in
I entered to the place, and realize that it was a
Small theater filled with strange people
A sad vision
So I seated, as far as I could of
The main stage where a show was going to be played
Very soon!!
Suddenly a group of actors
Entered the stage with masks
And start to mutilate them selves with fierce hate
The show seemed to be real
It was so human but oh so terrible
That my heart started to hurt
So I escaped from there
Escaped from there
As I was going out
I knew that it was a show
That was ending and the act was
About the world
About a sickening show

Lyrics was added by roman59

Act I.