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Open Minds Will Dominate - lyrics

I got away in the end, to see your own failure
I’ll choose a day, just to take the life that made you
This represents and shows the way, of a common brainstorm
Now the path is clear, we’ll just pretend that
You are coming you are coming
Now see the end of your salvation
This means enforce
Now you will fall and you’ll fall to a bottomless pit
And you will learn that our way means domination
This represents and shows the way of a common brainstorm
You’ll see me coming, see my coming
Now see the end of your existence
It’s our time. Come on and join our
Legion that will dominate all
Can’t face now the truth I state
So you’re fading away
And you just wait for the moment to come
And you pray for your life, and misery I cannot give
And you embrace the fact of your mistake, so don’t expect
Can’t face now the true mistake
You’re coming along
And in the end you’ll have to fall…
Into your darkness and away accept the fact:
You are dead.

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Act I.