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The Beautiful Double Sided Sword - lyrics

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This parking lot, these windows fog transparancy, this radio dubs all of me, august felt us kissing under waterfalls, salty faces choked up on goodbye, it's the last time
these songs won't sound the same after tonight, buried locked and chained after tonight, keep thinking everything that we've lost is all we are, two years built on ashes of our hearts
lights out, shut off this radio, this song's been killing me again, still scratching broken records as you just take my heart again, lights out shut off this radio, this song's been killing me again, part of your broken motive, as you just break my heart again
and i'll never hear just like heaven again, and not think back to all that it meant, curing us with words that plague me now, and i'll hate you for all of your life for coming in contact with mine, stabbing us both with the stabbing of this double sided sword...

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