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Fuck you and the worms you rode in on

This double vision is dividing all thought
If this cortex is remotely cerebral,
I'll eat the mind from under your hat

Once in separation, all eyes all over the place
These place These place These place

Never quite sure whether I fear to tread
Or just quite where to tread

There is no product that can shine this condition;
Though the colour running through these streets
Is a shite to behold I'll tell you

Ride the worms with me

If all is soil of creation and all our every particle,
All intermingled is but a happy dust storm,
Waiting to disappear up a willing god's nose
- Then where should the faithful stand?
I suppose it's irrelevant to a grain of sand

How are beings of pure sound to retune their nervous wreckage
A golden ratio of broken radios / twists, ticks and twitches
Into the frequency that tunes us all?

Universal note, no, no - ground black
Distortion / Spirit contortion

Attenuator twisted hard right Spit-balled through the night
All spirit full volume Silence sold out to the man, man

In flux with transcendence
To rise above material putrescence?

A blaze of hammers from the skies
Race your corpse and aim heart high Ride the worms with me

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