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Catafalque Caravan Quandary - lyrics

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Infirmary carrion birds carry us, splintered.
All down and down until all six feet down. Down.
Slope-topped box the eternal holiday home away from home.
I revel in my pulsing companions, who gestate with me down here.
Together we fester;
life giving life to life.
Feeding on life.
Hope and decency given a wide berth.
Night crawlers all a’dancing, now
shrouded in tatters amongst my frustrations.
Down, down…
You see, we’re all breathing in here,
though the air supply is short
muscles all wasted;
All haste only wasting space, here is my nowhere.
Now even the worms won’t answer back.
Soil and asphyxiation on the attack,
Like a pariah
pine walls in front, sides and back.
Smiling slime trails shine… lost in rhyme.
Somewhere between alas and alack.
Now my body is their temple
all its shrines to putrefy;
Stations of your cross no longer attended.
All trains of thought ling since pulled away.
Free tickets for all wriggling bait to ride…
…the Disorient Express.
I have clawed out my eyes in search of some soul,
Beating rhythms on this bone box
in insistent staccato;
But my thrice-fold-law-of-return eye saw those six spinning walls
All grinning.
Whilst those ferryman’s friends made all a’merry
Draining the optics of my nerces.
A friends to no-one, not even the worms.
Only infected disaffection
gleaned as confection,
By these myriad breeding mouths.
Now the creepies have done with their crawling.
Legs upon slime
upon legs upon slime
upon putrefaction;
Lost nowhere in time;
Now vacuum packed
trapped in traction.
Still awaiting Death’s attentions, much like those shuffling above.
Though no vertigo / down below
just this mad. Spinning. Disease.
Nothing to see here; roots bored through all hidey-holes.
I am the hive now; I am legs upon legs.
Nothing to fear here, except for myself
And perhaps just a little shortness of breath.

Bonus CD z EP Valley Of Desolation

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