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I can hear them ranting
Like a choir of angels, those cunts
Not singing nor dancing here;
All eyes down for the casting
Spell trough scraped dry
Practising our sincerest sorrows;
All full faced to the grind of stone
The drag of that inert through toil of chained wrought sinew
Ragged faces turned up to the rain
Staring down; drawing down the rain
Staring down; drawing down the rain
Drawing down the rain
Drawing down
All our ears are open
all our eyes are smiling
Gracelessly receiving empty threats of heaven
As grist to and from these dark Satanic mills
A barren wasteland dreamt through streets of prescription mist
There is no attenuating this
No attenuating this
Holes in the heart of this city
Drawing down the rain
Heaven calling; calling through sewer-gratings

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Beware the Sword You Cannot See