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Plastic Patriarch Lynch Squad (Enduring Decem.. - lyrics

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Please mind your heart when leaving your head.
Space fills all vessels.
To sky ride firmament, All Father.
To embrace all everything. As all is said and done.
Leave fears to dry with relentless turn of wheel.
Organics suffocating steel.
Enduring December.
Eyes forward; march through
Eyes behind, there was only now; only ever now.
Eyes down for enduring cataclysm.
Heart awaits.
Heart continues.
Travelling December.
Maybe raise a stem from the root.
Summon some spring from the darkness.
If that sun is just going to hang its place
Whilst we all spin around her, arse about face,
The least she could do is raise us a smile
...just a fucking smile.
Sun rises may go unseen these days,
But don’t think they don’t go un-missed.
So, the colour drained from the last of days.
Nothing ever after.
Hung from heaven’s rafter;
Inverse your holy father,
Strung up, stomach slit
Bowels void / stench of the pit

Bonus CD z EP Valley Of Desolation

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