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Annihilation Induced by the Luminous Firestor.. - lyrics

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Feed, the storm will feed
On the flesh of man relentlessly
Prophecies of a ludicrous mortal were set in stone
To crucify the ones that do not follow
Seed, inconspicuously they plant the seed
Of treachery
Baptized daily in disbelief
As logic subsides absurdities
Designed by dreams
I awaken
With clean eyes i see
An awakening
Annihilation induced by the luminous firestorm
A human mind soaks in apathy
Crushed to make pristine
Bound as slaves in effigy
A time for expiration
Oblivion awaits as we convert ourselves back into sand
Feed, the storm will feed
On the flesh of man relentlessly
Now we wait for the horsemen and the face of god
Now we wait for the grand alignment
Now we dwell in deceit and defeat
Now we wait upon the firestorm
Fearing when the heat approaches
For its presence will illuminate in the sky bringing forth annihilation
A blinding light dries up every well in sight
Pungent winds searing the flesh
Until the end of time
Hear the cacophony bellowing from the smoldering ash
Disregard the cries and pleas of agony from disobliging receptacles

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