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They will exile you at birth
Destruction, inevitable
And your weakness is all that you will know
The world will justify
As they rape you in this realm
Illusions of the world will blind
Illusions of the world will cloud
The minds of all mankind
Blinding your senses with addictions
Endlessly controlled
Inhale the fate of thousand men
And the vengeance of a thousand more
Spread disease into the purest hearts
Enslaving them forevermore
Breeding generations of ignorance
Fear of what the preacher's stories behold
Festering in the bellies of the innocent
Craving for their blood
Feasting on the pockets of the weak
Power and vanity is all you need
Encompassed by the masquerade and endless disgust
Blotting out the minds of the virtuous
Depressing are the times
As they reap what you have sown
Ecliptic realm
Devours the souls
Forever in the bowels of time withering

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Psalms of Misanthropy