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Prismatic Delusion - lyrics

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Lurking beyond the perceptional world
a spectrum of light designed to enslave the foolish mind
since the beginning, the moment of birth
commenced the light's assimilation
binding souls to the prison of Earth
to accommodate a slave deprivation
Prismatic delusion
with so many paths to follow and none to save your soul
divisions of darkness swarming the blood
calcified minds go blind
lechery and wealth sway the flow
dictating from the shadows to stay afloat
by their God's design
mind dispersion
chains embrace your appendages
and you sip from a brackish sea of lies
The wicked have come forth
before your eyes
The message is clear
We are the acolytes, too weak to overthrow
nefarious kings from their thrones
Mere puppets cannot change the flow
We are the acolytes
let them bleed our bodies of its soul
plagued are the thoughts of those who think
reality is what is seen
dissimulation conceals the fog of suffering
We are the acolytes
too weak to overthrow
bleed the body of its soul
We sleep in wasted dreams and lucid memories
Slumber apprentice
Reabsorbing back into the machine
false light refracts
through sightless eyes

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