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Reaping the Earthbound Revelry - lyrics

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I have destroyed myself once more
sipping the rivers of rot
Duality has cast me aside
there is an avalanche awaiting
I shall indulge
and erupt upon this world
essence of reprise
I have become what I despise
I have destroyed myself again
I am perverse and obedient
to the negligence
challenging virtue and vigor
To amalgamate the damned
to live as a fallen king
growing old of divinity
as the evil ripened from within
never releasing, calling forth
mindlessly obey
embracing dismay
never releasing, calling forth
subliminal reverberation
echoes through eternity
wave after wave of futile effort
I have forsaken my fallacy
reaping the earthbound revelry
reaping the earthbound revelry
I foresee clarity
penance and despair justify
glorious reparation
I am my savior
at peace with sovereignty
I am defeated, yet I have won
I am my own worst enemy
I am a slave to the intoxicant
I am a servant of gold
I am a thrall of mockery
I am the master of my soul

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