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The Carnage of Infinite Black - lyrics

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I feel no warmth inside
My body is no more
Hardened skin
Frozen heart
An empty soul
The earnings of a lifetime
On this putrid world
Is in the air we breathe
Breathe it in for years and years
Exhaust the fumes of the living
I realize i am at the thrown of judgement
The only future i foresee
I will not bow down to the chosen one
The only future i foresee
I will make him bow to me
Rise my minions armed with darkness
Rise before me
All sacrifices will be made for my victory
I am the voice of the apocalypse
The carnage will overwhelm the gates of heaven
The damned of the deadly seven will spare not one
Not one shall be spared
There is no warmth inside
My aura is no more
Callused mind
Frozen time
An empty thrown
The earnings of a millennia in time
Is absolute misery

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