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The Mortal's Harvest - lyrics

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pure evil and tragedy
harvested by the mortal man
at the brink of extinction
with fragile minds and broken spirits
dissolve at the helm of dissension
a rippling misfortune
we are nothing more than shadows and dust
captive in the shackles
of flesh and blood
they may repent, nevertheless
the prevalence of life must now recess
something in the back of the mind
calling forward
bleed the leeches of consumption dry
crush the vermin or they will saturate
infesting the celestial orb to absorb the resource
we are a hideous bane
universal pariah
population termination
unleash pestilence
cleanse the mistake
there will be inevitable ramifications
cravings for the human conception
indulging in lunacy
guided by a mortal's consumption
comfort as sloth and greed entwine

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