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Won't Back Down - lyrics

My God has a mighty
hand as powerful as the
raging sea
it could heal the broken
body or bring a strong
man to his knees
my God blows me away
like a hurricane He stirs
me up then calms me
down leaving me insane
awaken my senses to be
a better man i touch the
hem of his flowing robe
and then I ran
i keep wasting precious
time on these mountains
that i climb just to walk
back down again to see
what's on the other side
with a fear of what i'll find
but I will not back down i
will not back down
my God offers me seren-
ity this apathy my identity
gone leaves simplicity
i rid myself of this com-
placency the curiosity to
be a better me opens
these eyes to see
time for the song to be
summed up the show has
been hyped up the crowd
has been shocked
redemption is for all it
doesn't matter who you
are he doesn't care about
the hand that you drew
and we're here to enter-
tain you to rock your
socks off the higher pur-
pose spread his love from
here to moscow
separate yourself from
the evil all around all we
ask of you now is that you
won't back down

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