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Lucifer's Fate - lyrics

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Black iron to flame
I stand in the rain
With voices that fight with the damned
Dreams we are traught
Of angels in heaven
While Satan must pay for his sin
Ruler of death
Kingdom of hell
Dark angel now rise from your grave
Cast from above
I give you my love
I am joining you master
Time will never wait...
To rise is Lucifer's fate
Black iron to flame
A madman insane
Withd emons that pull at your mind
Word of contempt
For angels in heaven
While Satan left cold in his grave
Priest bow and pray
In hell they will stay
Deceived by the master of lies
Slaves to the cross
I weep at your loss
You'll stay here forever
Time will never wait...
To rise is Lucifer's fate
Thou art the god of the devils
And shall not be treated with grace
I beseech thee to cast upon the morning light
Can thou speak what the day shall bring?
Stand upon my lake of fire
Can though speak my name?
Fire I am and a fire I shall remain
For all that is dead cannot eternal lie
And even stranger are the eons of fate
Where given light even death may die
You face of the damned
Withdraw from your church
Deliver your soul unto me
Angel of Death ascending to heaven
With Christ who is down on His knees
Priest in the flames
Like witches they have burned
The iron cross torn from their minds
Lucifer's wings deliver on high
Now to sit with the angels

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Lucifer's Fate

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