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The Ripper's Curse - lyrics

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I am the wrong not the right another victim tonight
With shadows that will crawl to your grave
Just a voice in the night with the sharpest of knife
I cut and stab and leave you devoured
I am a dream in the day as they drag me away
Don't look or you yourself will be spotted
No one can run from the dark with nothing to lark
I feed upon your life so unsorted
You must not kill for the game to live in madness insane
To trust without the pain of desire
No way to kill me I am dead like the words in your head
Forever to resume as a martyr
I may be out of my mind to presume of the dead
I love you for the pain that you alter
So please remember my name I am the master of pain
Forever let this ripper remind you
Cold winds of the night I leave you to beg
Cold winds of the night I bid you sustain
They drag the murdered away
Examine cuts to the face
Remembering a name in the slaughter
Chalk up the line of the dead
Reading lost word's I have said
The ripper lives for centuries unaltered
I might be out of my mind or believe in the blind
Not one of you can join me in sin
For death will reach you someday
As they lock me away
The rippers curse will call you forever, on
Cold winds of the night I leave you to beg
Cold winds of the night I leave sustain

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