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Lucifer! Rebellious son, infernal one!
Tempt me! Lead and ignite me!
No longer shall we be called servants
We testify and cast off these chains
Hesitation, sloth, incertitude
No longer shall we fall prey to these soothing whores
So let me rise
Thorns pierce and nails purge
Confiteor deo omnipotentis
Quia peccavi non satis
Flagellamus ad majorem diaboli gloriam
Struck with awe we shall ascend these high ranks
And shall be vigilant to the blasphemies of the divine
The devil's wisdom is commended to the untiring
Who persistently perform exercises clandestine
Prudent are we as we celebrate the mysteries
Transform all abominations, free the body of all desires
Our lession shall be sacred medicine
Sermonizing we rejoice in the house of temptations
Freedom is no longer an illusionary whore
Celebrate his name, ye souls, waken
From your determined slumber of eons
We chain ourselves and serve with pride
We wallow in this earthly dirt
Our free will is perception
Our prayer is our fate

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