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Soundtrack for a Dead End - lyrics

Through fields of light
Endless alleys and planets in sight
With no directions no sounds
Replicas of whatever we've seen
No skies no dawns only neon nights
The burning sun of a brand new day
It's cold like ice it's electric blue
Shines in a sterile place
Churces of glass
Supernatural forces I bless
I can forget my own name
It is just like a trace in the sand
The highest form of intelligence
Covers the distance of Light years
Hidden from all eyes sets the lines
And plays the soundtrack for a dead end
Is this the landscape for a place to hide?
Traces and memories from a distant sleepless night
Only remains the black ink and a glimpse of clarity
When daylight fades and all seems so real
It's like it's never belonged to me this ancient remote symphony

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