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from the moment they met they were in love
a love as deep and strong as the sea
his ? fit her just like a glove
and when she saw him she sparkled with glee
but a curse was on them as old as time
and time was running out for him
fifteen years her love sublime
itd die and leave him alone and grim, alone and grim, in time

The more joy he felt, the more it hurt
the more he knew his time was ending soon
she would turn on him, the love would divert
and from his chest his heart would be hewn
smiles like warm gold summer sun
her hair like a cool new morning breeze
leave him as soon as she could run
his steps would falter, and his chest would seize, fall to his knees,
in time

from the day she was born they were in love her fathers love as strong as the sea
he held her tight, tight as a glove

when she opened her eyes she sparkled with glee, sparkled at me

he suffered the curse of all this through time
eventually shed lose faith in him
and the love they once found sublime
would turn to revulsion dark and grim, shed learn to hate him, in time

in time…

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