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Blood Fixing The Bled - lyrics


Rancour fed... oligophrenic
Lunacy roams my mind
Impaling reason
Misanthropy to matrimonial extent

Her blood sweats fever
Filth to be ripped from the wob
My urges exposed
My thrill to come
Shifts reason at sight of my tools

Rancour fed... Her blood to be bled
Orchestral feed a foul symphony the unbecoming

Life's fluid drained to a sonnet
Reaching the climax
Death ascending
Rigor mortis to be... consumed
Death bed stained red
Exfoliate dislimbed torsos
Canvas of me
Sewing the ends
Limbg from limb
Blood fixing the bled
Science as a tray
Sewing the ends
Resuscitate cult of the inanimate
Blood fixing the bled
Reanimate limb to limb
Canvas of me
Death bed stained bled
The unbecoming
Life's fluid restored with regret
Reaching the climax the outcome of death undone
Death transcending
Rigor mortis is removed
Blood fixing the bled
Open the brothel of the exhumed

Rancour fed... her blood to be bled
Orchestral feed
A foul symphony

Necrotomy of the decayed
Resurgence from the grave
Blood fixing the bled
Engineer of the dead

Rancour fed... oligophrenic
Lunacy roamds my mind
Impaling reason
Orchestrally I engineer the dead

Lyrics was added by El!sHka77

Video was added by Raina

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