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Of Dead Skin & Decay - lyrics


Crushing - Purulent cadaver, the calling of the splatter
Dead skin & decay, from your remains I shall gather
Your wretched corpus upon the slab has been laid
No anesthesia involved as I scramble your brain
This is my display
My perversity - foul rancid butchery
Your body, my lore - I am the Rembrandt of gore
Bloodbath, exuberant rotting mess
Gangrenous corpus upon the slab has been laid
You're long dead when hemostasia sets in
Inept and ponderously stitched together
I rejoice in my brand new piece of leather
Dead Skin & Decay - Watch me decorticate
Violently detruncate - Morbidly decorate
Dead Skin & Decay - Nothing else to Gein

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