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The Saw And The Carnage Done - lyrics


Emulous life form emerges, and slashed continuously
A man made predator slides back moral, self censored reality

Thrusting through my veins
Coagulating awareness
Chromosomes regressed
With the saw, I shall purge
Taking the next step
The robbing of life
Anticipating blood flow
Feelings of contempt arise

No longer to control, I crave the dead
One with the dead, I am

A prophesized death machine, unleashed
Bones are splintered as I saw, Decadence to feed
Murder is mankind's only saviour, goremageddon

Sawing up stiffs to my every need
Decadence to feed
Feeding, an preying on man
I cleanse this world, decadence exceeds

Emulous life form emerges
And slashes repeatedly
A manmade predator feeding
On it's own creator, your society

Feeding, and preying on man, to cleanse the world
Decadence exceeds
Sawing up stiffs to my every need
Decadence to feed

Lyrics was added by El!sHka77

Video was added by El!sHka77

Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done