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Grim Boiling Pot - lyrics

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There is an old house
In the dark of the wood
Surrounded by tall grass
And no animal would
Dare to come even near
This scary and evil place
They all stay of it clear
They’re afraid of green face
This demon brew boils
Little limbs and bodies
Happily swirling with spoils
With insects and toads
Everyone’s gotta eat, right?
Witchery folk are like this
Only a fancy food they bite,
This will be the greatest feast!
There’s a gloomy basement
In this old abandoned house
And if you’re real patient
You’ll hear screams of pain
This will be the children
Who have been stolen
Put in the cells by villain
For the feast were chosen
It’s dark in the cellar
And cells are very tight
Kids were never clever
To stroll there at night
From this dirty cell
There’s just one exit
Right into the kettle
Now get ready to die!
Once witch caught
One fat and dirty boy
She ate him in one shot
Poisoned by him and destroyed!

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