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This Is My Swamp - lyrics

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I will hear your coming from the far
I will see your dimly lighted lamp
I will know exactly where you are
All because this is my swamp!
You should not be hanging here
It is a dangerous place for you
Aren’t you afraid to just disappear?
This is my swamp! My swamp fuck you!
I will help you to slip on the rocks
I will help you to suddenly stumble
I ll lead you to be eaten by crocs
All because this is my swamp!
I love to sleep in peace and solitude
I hate you all goddamn hikers
They will be eaten with gratitude
By my swamp! My, only mine!
When you will be slowly drowning
And my bog will be pulling you down
I will sit down and start pounding
On your head with a huge frown
I’ll whisper: you shouldn’t have come
It’s my land, and it’s all my domain
You’ll vanish, to mine charm succumb
This is my swamp!

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This Is My Swamp